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Forget About “How To” And Focus On What You Want

Once you know what you want, practice seeing your fulfilled desires with absolute clarity. Focus your mind intently on the events and circumstances you desire, and allow yourself to become fully immersed in this vivid reality.

While this is simple enough to grasp, it’s common for us to disrupt this process by thinking/worrying about the “how to”. In other words we might want something genuinely but our minds are unable to see how we can attain this goal, and we therefore have difficulty allowing ourself to vividly imagine the outcome.

Forget about “how”! Do this and you’ll attract what you want with greater speed and ease every time.

You may or may not have the first idea how you’ll get what you desire and that’s totally fine. Your conscious mind has a fairly limited view of the world, but your higher mind possesses sufficient wisdom and creativity to make a way for you.

The ego mind is often unable to see beyond your next decision. And the natural tendency is to doubt the possibility of receiving your desire if you see no obvious way of getting from where you are now to where you’ll need to be to have what you want.

If you simply remain joyfully committed to your objective, knowing deeply that it’s already yours, the specifics of how will begin to emerge.

Writer and speaker Jack Canfield likes to equate this to using the headlights of your car to arrive safely while traveling at night. While you can only see a couple hundred feet ahead of your car at any given time, you know if you simply keep driving you’ll get where you are going.

Martin Luther King Jr. is reported to have said “You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.”

Even if you don’t have the money for your dream home, or don’t know anyone who can introduce you to the celebrity you’d like to interview, or have no idea where your dream mate is in this moment, you can still commit to your heart’s desire and imagine yourself victoriously enjoying whatever this is!

I strongly advocate the idea that if you have a real, heartfelt desire you also MUST have within you the power to achieve it. I believe this to be a natural law of being.

See and feel what you want in great detail and be thankful that it is on the way to you now! Do this and your mind will begin to show you the way; you’ll begin to notice things in the world around you that relate to your desire and information on how to get what you want will begin appearing in your life.

For the next week make a point to eliminate all questions of “how” and focus fully on what you want. Get into the habit of not sweating the details and having faith that your specific action steps will become obvious as long as you remain faithful to your desires.

This is naturally difficult for many of us. In fact I continue to hone my skills in this area. But once you begin to make progress on this front you’ll find your powers of manifestation are greatly increased from when you allowed yourself to get hung up on the details of how.

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