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Living in the abundance mindset is the simple, essential key to having a life of more than enough joy, freedom, love, and wealth. This blog is all about sharing insights and experiences that help the reader find his or her own path to abundance.

Manifesting From Creative Source

An extremely powerful manifestation model involves feeling into the concept of source and allowing your creative process to flow from there. For this to happen you must relax mind and body, and let go of your tension, doubts, and feelings of lack.

The specific methods you choose to create your ideal vision and draw the resulting circumstances into being are up to you. What I want to do with this post is give you a conceptual model to make the whole process much easier for you to feel.

All phenomenon, from life to inanimate matter, emerge from a common source. In scientific terms this source is a field of infinite energy, sometimes called the quantum field or the superstring field.

You may also want to think of this source as causality, or the abstract power that animates the life force within you, powers the stars of the cosmos, and charges the infinite electrons within every atom of every particle in the entire Universe.

This source is everywhere and from it flows everything in the tangible world, and everything in the thought world.

Consider for a moment the commonality of physical objects and thoughts. Both spring from the same field of pure energy.

It’s right to say the field of source is in a constant state of creating, or causing. And it’s right to say that we are always connected to this field of source, quite literally.

You can never be disconnected from source. This simply is not possible, so far as science or human understanding can fathom. But the quality of your connection can vary depending upon various things.

A relaxed body, an open mind, a positive state of health, and a strong belief are virtues that will enhance your connection. But above all living in the spirit of love and gratitude will provide you with an amazingly powerful connection to the source of all things.

By virtue of this connection to our source our thoughts are allowed to flow. The events of our life are brought into being as we observe raw source and thus bring into form the happenings and even the possibilities, that make up our life experience.

This is worth restating for emphasis:

From source all things flow. And our intelligent observation of source at the level of mind (conscious and non-conscious) causes the thoughts, feelings, and events of our life to manifest.

If you see and feel abundance and wealth, you will have more than enough in your life. But if your mind is filled with fears of lack and scarcity, you will struggle and want.

If you see and feel love and warmth, you will always be surrounded by caring and goodness, even when you are alone. But if you believe the world is a cold, uncaring place you’ll find the harsh stares of strangers each time you leave your home and you’ll feel empty and scared as you drift off to sleep at night.

This is what we mean when we say that we are already creating our life experience. Thus to attract or create the life we want only requires us to refine the nature of our observations or intentions.

Be mindful always of the things that bring you joy and satisfaction!

All we need to do is observe or contemplate the life we want with complete joy and absolute clarity. By allowing only one reality to flow through us from the source we watch the events and circumstances of our choosing as they manifest from the void.

You should read the previous paragraph again. Transfer the words to an index card and repeat this affirmation to yourself 5-10 times per day if you like.

This truth is already known to you, as it’s how your mind projects the hologram of your life through the sensory processes of your brain. But once you add the knowledge that you can choose at the conscious level new projections you will enter the realm of deliberate life creation.

Know you can enjoy this wonderful celebration of creative choice for the rest of your life.

This article is not about how to create a “one time” event or objective. And by thinking from that limited perspective you honor the belief of lack and difficulty, thereby counteracting your efforts to receive.

Understand also that you cannot strain and push from your ego mind to engage this observation-creation process. You add the intent and the joy, and then allow the rest to happen.

If you are very new to this, you might need to spend some time practicing to let go of your nervousness and doubt. Or you may feel at home right away.

Release the need to judge your progress or compare the speed of your success with that of another human being. This is all about your relation to self and infinite intelligence - there is no need to hurry or prove yourself.

May these words bring you a blessing. And if you would enjoy a further examination of techniques and methods for living in moment-to-moment creative bliss I invite you to check out my Manifest Your Dreams page.

Forget About “How To” And Focus On What You Want

Once you know what you want, practice seeing your fulfilled desires with absolute clarity. Focus your mind intently on the events and circumstances you desire, and allow yourself to become fully immersed in this vivid reality.

While this is simple enough to grasp, it’s common for us to disrupt this process by thinking/worrying about the “how to”. In other words we might want something genuinely but our minds are unable to see how we can attain this goal, and we therefore have difficulty allowing ourself to vividly imagine the outcome.

Forget about “how”! Do this and you’ll attract what you want with greater speed and ease every time.

You may or may not have the first idea how you’ll get what you desire and that’s totally fine. Your conscious mind has a fairly limited view of the world, but your higher mind possesses sufficient wisdom and creativity to make a way for you.

The ego mind is often unable to see beyond your next decision. And the natural tendency is to doubt the possibility of receiving your desire if you see no obvious way of getting from where you are now to where you’ll need to be to have what you want.

If you simply remain joyfully committed to your objective, knowing deeply that it’s already yours, the specifics of how will begin to emerge.

Writer and speaker Jack Canfield likes to equate this to using the headlights of your car to arrive safely while traveling at night. While you can only see a couple hundred feet ahead of your car at any given time, you know if you simply keep driving you’ll get where you are going.

Martin Luther King Jr. is reported to have said “You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.”

Even if you don’t have the money for your dream home, or don’t know anyone who can introduce you to the celebrity you’d like to interview, or have no idea where your dream mate is in this moment, you can still commit to your heart’s desire and imagine yourself victoriously enjoying whatever this is!

I strongly advocate the idea that if you have a real, heartfelt desire you also MUST have within you the power to achieve it. I believe this to be a natural law of being.

See and feel what you want in great detail and be thankful that it is on the way to you now! Do this and your mind will begin to show you the way; you’ll begin to notice things in the world around you that relate to your desire and information on how to get what you want will begin appearing in your life.

For the next week make a point to eliminate all questions of “how” and focus fully on what you want. Get into the habit of not sweating the details and having faith that your specific action steps will become obvious as long as you remain faithful to your desires.

This is naturally difficult for many of us. In fact I continue to hone my skills in this area. But once you begin to make progress on this front you’ll find your powers of manifestation are greatly increased from when you allowed yourself to get hung up on the details of how.

Put Law Of Attraction To The Test Now!

The law of attraction refers to a natural law that is always in effect. What we think about, feel about, and act toward manifests in our lives in one form or another, and this happens whether or not we are deliberately trying to attract.

But by learning to intentionally manifest, or use the law of attraction on purpose you can enjoy a more fulfilling, engaging life. Think of this like stepping into the driver’s seat rather than just being a passenger for your entire life’s journey.

Even when you master the art of deliberate attraction life will be full of mysteries. Your ego mind will not control the entire Universe - nor should it - and you will still experience challenges.

But you will still be a focused, intentional creator of your life experience. And this all begins by developing your skills around the use of focused intention.

Below is a very simple exercise you can play with. But first a word about preparation.

If you are already practicing some sort of meditation or deep breathing relaxation exercises I urge you to spend a few minutes with these activities before moving into the exercise below. If you don’t currently meditate or use focused breathing to relax I highly recommend you look into this; such practices make it very easy to relax the mind and body for optimal health and personal power.

Relax your body and mind before you begin. Release all heavy thoughts and spend a minute or two realizing that you are a POWERFUL being - science has proven that your thoughts are like concentrated radio waves that penetrate all time and space!

You may even wish to say this affirmation a few times:

I appreciate my power to manifest reality with focused intention.”

When ready, take out a medium to large coin. Also get a pen & paper, or open a notepad on your computer. You’ll be flipping this coin 25 times and recording your results.

You may allow the tossed coin to land in your palm and immediately call the side facing up, or you may allow it to land in your palm and then slap it onto your forearm, thus revealing the heads or tails result. How you flip and reveal is up to you just be clear about this before starting.

Choose either heads or tails as the result you wish to manifest. Lie the coin on a desk or table in front of you with your chosen side facing up; stare in a relaxed manner at this side of the coin for a moment, and smile as broadly as possible for no less than 30 seconds.

Imagine the coin landing time and time again in exactly the manner you choose. Feel excited because you are watching your own creative power unfold before you. After a little while of enjoying this visualization process grab your coin and start flipping.

Know your coin is going to land more often on your chosen side. Record the result of each flip with complete confidence in the final tally, and do not becoem upset if you see the coin land on the side you did not choose.

Once you are finished with 25 flips repeat this exercise at least two more times. It’s importatn that you have fun and remain crystal clear about the results you choose.

When you’re done with three or more sessions check your overall results. How did you do?

Many readers will be astonished to have their first tangible proof of law of attraction in action. If your results were not what you had hoped ask yourself this question and answer honestly:

Were you very nervous and emotional the whole time, afraid your results would be opposite of what you chose? If so it’s likely you manifested the results you now have.

In fact metaphysicians and physicists might argue that no matter what happens, including your not even performing the exercise, is the result of unconscious intention. That’s a little beyond the depth of this simple blog post.

The point here is to have fun and practice this exercise often. Don’t write your ability to intentionally manifest off no matter what your results and realize deliberate attraction is a skill like any other that requires some practice!

I feel confident that readers who maintain a relaxed mind and body, stay positive, and have fun are going to get good results more often than not. I’m “putting myself out there” with this post and I’d like to see a few people add comments with their results.

My results are conclusive up to this time: Every test I have run (22 at the time of writing) has demonstrated my apparent ability to influence the results of the coin toss by deciding in advance which result I’d prefer to enjoy.

I hope this information is useful and encouraging to you.

For more information on how to manifest anything you want be sure to check out the complete “Manifest Your Dreams” mini-course today.